Wednesday, February 2, 2011

what i've been doing

the new and improved metta...what am i up to? well last week i was LITERALLY bored to tears.. really sobbing because i am sick of my house, sick of wal mart AND winco and already done sesriously the majority of my school work for the SEMESTER! yes unemployment is not all its cracked up to be. I made it less than one week before going absolutely crazy without a job. So now the question you've all been asking yourselves.. not really but humor me. I am currently working at..... Yes I am the new studio manager of the Timpanogos school of dance. I have been with the studio for 5 years and LOVE IT! It's the best studio in Utah.. and I've worked or danced at quite a few.
Tami the studio owner has decided to focus more on her family, and given me the opportunity to be the studio manager. I am now doing more of what i LOVE! YES sisters who had concerns i asked all the questions you asked me and everything is now resolved. I will continue teaching at the studio as well as being the studio manager. My goal is to focus on getting the word out about the studio. If any of my readers (mom, dad, sisters) know anyone looking for a great studio with amazing teachers and technique give them my phone number or e-mail or blog or ANYTHING!!! the blog for the studio is We do ballet, jazz, hip hop, tumbling and technique classes. I am working on getting some adult classes going, a cardio jazz as well as a zumba class. If anyone can think of any other classes that they would like let me know and i will see what i can do! Thank you all!!!


Cassie Lynne said...

My mom follows your blog, and she told me about this. That's so awesome Metta! If you need any teachers, or any help, I'd be happy to help!

James and Monica said...

I used to be an office manager for a studio in High School. That seems like forever ago. :D Good luck. it seems like it would be a great job!
What age do the dance classes begin?

emily suzanne said...

thats so cool! woo for dance! haha :)

The Hinmans said...

What have you been up to since then? How is managing going?