Wednesday, February 2, 2011

what i've been doing

the new and improved metta...what am i up to? well last week i was LITERALLY bored to tears.. really sobbing because i am sick of my house, sick of wal mart AND winco and already done sesriously the majority of my school work for the SEMESTER! yes unemployment is not all its cracked up to be. I made it less than one week before going absolutely crazy without a job. So now the question you've all been asking yourselves.. not really but humor me. I am currently working at..... Yes I am the new studio manager of the Timpanogos school of dance. I have been with the studio for 5 years and LOVE IT! It's the best studio in Utah.. and I've worked or danced at quite a few.
Tami the studio owner has decided to focus more on her family, and given me the opportunity to be the studio manager. I am now doing more of what i LOVE! YES sisters who had concerns i asked all the questions you asked me and everything is now resolved. I will continue teaching at the studio as well as being the studio manager. My goal is to focus on getting the word out about the studio. If any of my readers (mom, dad, sisters) know anyone looking for a great studio with amazing teachers and technique give them my phone number or e-mail or blog or ANYTHING!!! the blog for the studio is We do ballet, jazz, hip hop, tumbling and technique classes. I am working on getting some adult classes going, a cardio jazz as well as a zumba class. If anyone can think of any other classes that they would like let me know and i will see what i can do! Thank you all!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

and Justice is no more.

Alright i totally slacked off last week but to my defense it was a VERY long emotional and crazy week closing down the Justice in the university mall..where i have worked for the last 6 years off and on. We closed to the public on Wednesday and then Thursday packed the rest up and sent it out, and then Friday we CLEANED like crazy. My walk through was fast because it was literally spotless. I did cry just a tiny bit on Friday after all was said and done. Here are some last minute pics of the crew that stayed until the very end with me cleaning and such. We seriously worked like crazy open to close most of last week. and really there are nine other justice stores still in Utah... and soon a tenth will be in St. George so no need to worry about no more Justice. I'll miss all my girls and my favorite customers!!! we all bought these really ugly shirts that are from justice that we made fun of. when Clair saw mine he said of COURSE yours has a glamorous cat on it. ha ha ha love it!! for 3 bucks and the great memories of the place i love it.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

goals--p90x--and the best dad ever!

I know i'm cutting it very close to not blogging this week but here I am!! HOORAY! in one of my classes we were talking about the importance of working on one goal at a time instead of multiple and i decided i would throw out my fitness and health goals in the name of blogging...well just for the month of January. and not really because we got P90x and it is seriously kicking my little toosh! We took before pictures and measurements (don't worry i wont post them) and hopefully in 90 days will have rockin after pictures..if i can give up my soda and candy. I'm VERY healthy in all other areas but those are my weaknesses.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 the new year --

well one of my MANY new years resolutions is to be a better blogger! so here I am. my goal is at least once a week update people on the life of Clair and Metta Semrad which didn't get exciting until just recently and hopefully soon will die down into boring again. As many of you (whoever even looks at my blog anymore) know i lost my job at Justice for girls. I worked there since i was 16 years old and enjoyed most of it. I got my own store in january of 2009 and january of 2011 the mall is closing Justice permanently. Don't worry Justice fans all the other stores will still be open.

So what are we doing now.. Clair still currently works at PMI in lehi and is working on getting a website up and going to pay for his tuition. He loves his job for the most part. I am still up in the air. I interview at Journeys today but i think i want to be out of the retail world. I also have interview with Buckle, and the center for women and children in crisis. I hope to work at the latter. it would be just a part time job but still a job and it would also count as an internship for me to finish school. I am in my last (kinda) semester of school. i will be able to 'walk' and take the CHES exam in april but i will have another 10 weeks of school to finish in the first block of the summer semesters. i am studying community health with an emphasis in education.. although i want to move more into the physical fitness aspect of the health field.

I did just celebrate my 22nd birthday which was fun. poor Clair has been extremely ill with bronchitis so the days leading up to my birthday were mostly spent of taking care of Clair and making sure he was still breathing. On the morning of the 4th. i got up and my cousin Janna and I went to breakfast and then to get our hair done.. she just trimmed hers while i did the works, color and SMALL trim. After we met up with my BFF Veronica and went to lunch and did a little shopping. it was a VERY relaxing day. After shopping I came home and Clair got me a Jillian Michaels dunbell set as well as P90X which i am SOOO excited to start. He also made dinner and Veronica and CJ came over and we ate dinner and watched a movie. I got TWO cakes :) both of which are my favorite kind..rice crispy. THANKS CLAIR AND MELYNNE!
also thanks for all the birthday wishes and I will try to continue to BLOG weekly! it may be short but i need to get in the habit of it all!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The things I do while Clairs away...

Today Clair left to go help on the ranch leaving me here to do my own thing... The original plan was to work most the day and then come home and do homework, however i hurt my knee running ( i fell) and well, can barely put socks on without sending pain up my i attempted work for about 6 hours then i realized how swollen it all was and that i could not walk without looking DUMB so ...i went home :) did about 4 hours of anatomy (yuck) and a few other things pictured below.I did my OWN glitter toes.. it costs about 30-40 bucks to get them done at a nail place and with the items i needed it only cost me 5 dollas!!! i think I'll do a darker color next time but for now I'm just proud of the crafty me coming through.

and last but not least i bought this table from my friends mom.. it was red and i painted it today.. i would like to distress it a bit but need to let the paint dry for some time. I've wanted a table ever since we've moved in to put our magazines and things on .. its all just piled up on the floor or on the TV stand and drives me CRAZY because i NEVER feel like its clean. I'm super excited to for it to dry and to put all my stuff on it! I'll post pictures of the final project.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

hello all..its been a while but when i'm back in school and working full time its kind of hard for me to check my facebook and e-mail let alone post up on my blog. As i type i am listening to my online class and learning about the eye..its interesting and i really do enjoy the eye...this professor prides himself in having the lowest passing rate at UVU so i need the prayers please to get me through the rest of the semester.

i do have some photos from some fun we've had lately.. we went bowling last weekend with one of my good friends are her boyfriend.. now i'm an AWFUL really i broke 100 once with a 101 and won a barbie for it.. so i usually just go with Clair who since I've known him has never bowled less than 175 to keep him entertained as he tries to give me tricks. MY luck however changed that night..Clair would claim that it was his teaching skills but i think its just me being good.. i bowled a 121! and my lovely husband only a 114. i beat everyone!! yay!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

bathroom and more...

hello again!! look at me blogging twice in one week! and Yes Hailey its because you told me i had to post again. so here's my cute little bathroom i had everything from pre-marriage life so that is why its complete. When i asked Clair if i could use my old stuff for our new bathroom he said no because he knew it was hot pink and orange...and then we could only afford to do decorate one room at a time and the bathroom wasn't top priority so we just HAD to use all the pink...which i love and Clair has grown used to it :)

onto more exciting news...Clair took me snowboarding for one of my vacation days..i was too afraid to fall so instead i just sat...cried a little bit.. and told him how much i hated it..all on the FIRST time down the BUNNY HILL! it took us 30 minutes to get down the first up again we went on the lift and this time he went backwards and held my hands and i almost made it all the way down but we crashed when my board got stuck on his...that time it only took us 15 minutes to get down the hill... bunny hill mind you. SO up again we went this time he only held one hand and we made it down perfectly fine! and then up again and i did it all by myself with ZERO turns our i don't hate it one bit.. i actually quite enjoy it to my surprise. SOO Clair bought me a whole new set up for a late birthday present and i love it.. it has all the things i and zebra. PERFECT. i'm a little afraid to try out the normal hill seeing as we spent the full 3 hours on the bunny hill with little kids racing passed me. glorious!!!